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The earliest research findings on meditation and its benefits were recorded down by Herbart Benson. In his study of the ‘relaxation response, he explored different types of meditation to know their impacts on human health. He set out to look into Transcendental Meditation before deviating to other areas in a bid to show how meditation contributes to physiological changes. 


Some of these changes included lowered heart rate, reduced oxygen intake, and reduced levels of lactate (keep in mind that higher levels of lactate are usually associated with anxiety). Therefore, you need to understand that all these findings show the great benefits derived by meditation, especially if you are struggling with stress-induced Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).


IBS is a common chronic condition that can affect an individual as early as adolescence to become a lifelong illness. Symptoms include cramps, abdominal pain, constipation, and diarrhea. The IBS cases range from mild all the way to severe situations if no drastic measures are taken at the right time. 


The IBS is believed to originate from a genetic predisposition. The condition is triggered by gastrointestinal surgery,  gastrointestinal infection, or stress. Even though the illness can be treated by antispasmodic medications or drugs to suppress diarrhea and constipation, different forms of meditation are effective as well. 


Three Types of Meditation for Stress-Triggered IBS

Meditation comes in different forms and styles to benefit people in a number of ways. The good news is that these forms of meditation are available and more accessible. This means that anyone can explore those styles that suit them best. 


But the bottom line is, meditation is more about focusing and creating awareness of yourself and your surroundings. While some forms of meditation may have spiritual elements of consciousness, a blend of mindfulness meditation can work well for you if you are suffering from IBS. 


Below are three types of meditation that you can adopt to help you overcome stress-triggered IBS:


Body Scan Belly Calming Meditation

A body scan meditation plays a crucial role in reducing tension inside your body. Normally, your body unconsciously becomes tense, leading to stress which is detrimental to your wellbeing. In this case, body scan meditation comes into play to help you relax bit by bit. 


You need to know that there is a connection between your physical sensations and emotions. The two conditions can affect you in one way or the other even without you noticing anything. Body scan meditation will most likely help you create awareness of your body and help your mind stay conscious of your surroundings. 


With that in mind, you may choose the most appropriate time to perform body scan meditation. Maybe night time can be a good choice given that nothing will distract you from paying attention to the entire meditation process.


Mindful Eating Belly Calming Meditation

If you know you are struggling with stomach problems particularly the IBS, then you should turn to mindful eating. In essence, this form of meditation involves changing your eating habits. 


To make it clear for you, you need to slow down your eating while becoming mindful of your overall health. However, you can combine this style of meditation with the guidance on IBS from the National Institute for Health & Care Excellence to obtain better results. 


Loving Kindness Belly Calming Meditation

Self-compassion is one of the struggles you will undergo if you are suffering from IBS. The struggle leads to frustration, especially when you are trying to overcome the symptoms associated with this condition. 


The best way of managing your body better is by accepting your situation and not trying to run away from reality. To add on that, you can appreciate your symptoms so you may work towards an everlasting solution. This calls for the Loving Kindness meditation to help you relax and overcome frustration or negative self-talk. 


Through self-compassion, you may benefit even more and lead a fulfilling lifestyle. But you can only achieve this goal by taking the Loving Kindness style of meditation seriously. As a matter of fact, a gently repeated statement can work for you only if you are kind to yourself and those around you. 


Final Thought

Meditation is important to your physical and mental health. This technique of training your mind has been studied extensively to find its benefits towards human health. Through meditation, you can overcome IBS and lead a happy life just like any other person.

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